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6 typical products and unmissable dishes from Lake Como and where to buy them

Typical food and wine products are the ultimate exaltation of what a territory is and has to offer. Around a product there is life, ferment, work, craftsmanship and, why not, creativity.

There are those who produce it, those who sell it, those who process it and those who cook it.

local blogger

Hi, I’m Marta, Local Blogger of Lake Como! With my advice and knowledge of the area you can make your holiday unforgettable!

For lovers of good flavours, of course, Lake Como (and the surrounding area) also has much to put on the table.

Here, then, is what you really must not miss if you find yourself in these parts and wish to taste (or take home) one or more typical products, with a capital P, of Lake Como.

[At the bottom of the article you will find the map with the exact addresses of the individual manufacturers and sellers].

Typical products and dishes of Lake Como: here are the 6 most famous

1# Fish

whitefish in carpione, one of the typical products that you can eat on Lake Como

Whitefish in carpione

Among the most famous typical products of Lake Como is undoubtedly fish. And by fish here we mean whitefish, lake shad, perch, bleak and trout. But also char, zander, bondella, burbot and pygus.

Some are better known, others less so.

Some are more widespread, others, at times, scarce. Certainly they all form the basis of the main Larian dishes on the menus of many restaurants and trattorias in the area.

Try, at least once in your life, the missultìn (or dried agone), risotto with perch and whitefish in carpione, all typical Lake Como fish.

To mention just the must-tries.

Where to buy excellent lake fish

  • Le Specialità Lariane (Lenno – Tremezzina)
  • Pescheria Gilardoni (Lenno – Tremezzina)
  • Pescheria Tosi (Menaggio)
  • Guerci Pescheria (Como)
  • Styl Market (Grandola)
  • Fabio Valentini Pesce di Lago (Dervio)
  • Pescatore Fabio Cerfoglio (Dongo)
  • Pescatore Ghislanzoni (Dongo)
  • Pescatore Marco Vanoli (Gera Lario)
  • Pescatore Simone Fraquelli (Ossuccio, Tremezzina)

2# Cheeses

zincarlin, one of the typical products of Lake Como


I assure you that the choice will not be easy!

There are goat cheeses and there are cow cheeses.

There is the Formaggio d’Alpe, the Nostrano, the Semuda, the Magro of Bellagio, the Fiorone from Valsassina, the Zincarlin, the Ricotta of Lario, the Lariano (both Alpine and dairy), the Casoretta della Val d’Intelvi and the Stracchino.

I hope I have not forgotten any!

There are also several PDO products around Lario, such as Gorgonzola, Quartirolo, Taleggio and, of course, Grana Padano. I conclude with two excellences from the nearby Valtellina, Bitto and Valtellina Casera.

All this goodness, as you can well imagine, then gives rise to more or less elaborate dishes.

I name one for all…polenta uncia. I don’t know if there is a more traditional dish in these parts!

Where to buy typical Lake Como cheeses

  • L’Antica Latteria di Bellagio
  • Casale Roccolo – specializzati in formaggi di Capra (Binago)
  • Agriturismo Le Radici – anche shop online (Alpe di Blessagno – Valle Intelvi)
  • Agriturismo La Pratolina (Alpe Comana – Schignano)
  • La Casetta del Contadino – Azienda Agricola Zanotta (Tremezzo)
  • Agriturismo Binda (Sormano)
  • Cascina Sant’Angelo (Barni – CO)
  • Alpe Nesdale (Plesio)
  • Alpe di Megna (Lasnigo – Asso)
  • Azienda Agricola CaManin (Crezzo – LC)
  • Leccolatte (Ballabio)

3# Cold cuts and meats

carne e polenta

Polenta with ossibuchi

Salami, such as goat salami, salami di testa, salami di filzetta and salami di Milano, are certainly the stars of the show in these parts.

Also famous are hams and liver mortadella, a sausage to be eaten cooked.

Then there is Luganega (sausage) and Verzini (salami). And finally, two delicacies typical of areas bordering the Como area, but also present in many typical dishes of Como and the surrounding area: cotechino (pork sausage) and Bresaola IGP (PGI).

The meats are mostly accompanied by polenta.

While rich platters of cured meats are hardly missed when ‘aperitifing’ in one of the various wine cellars scattered throughout the area.

Definitely try the casoeula, a rich dish of pork and cabbage.

I’m salivating just thinking about it!

Where to buy cured meats and typical Lake Como meats

  • Macelleria Pianarosa (Sala Comacina)
  • Macelleria Donegana (Carate Urio)
  • Macelleria Mazzucchi Dino (Dongo)

4# The oil

To be precise, the Oil of Lombard Lakes and the Lario DOP.

Because in these parts there are many olive trees, given the mild climate and suitable soil.

And reminding us of this are names like Oliveto Lario (a village on the eastern shore) and the Zoca de l’Oli, the gulf between Sala Comacina and Ossuccio. But olive-growing lands are just about everywhere, and we have the ancient Greek settlers to thank for that.

They really saw through it!

Where to buy oil produced on Lake Como

  • Oleificio Vanini Osvaldo (Lenno – Tremezzina). In realtà ormai è possibile acquistarlo anche nei migliori supermercati e piccoli alimentari.

5# Flour


This is also a fundamental ingredient in the cuisine of the lake.

How else could we make the famous polenta? But it is also essential for cakes and bread, of course!

Did you know that the Ciabatta (type of bread) was ‘invented’ in the Como area?

If you have a sweet tooth, there are several specialities to take home or at least try: paradello with apples, miascia (or bread cake), Braschin (or Braschino, a sweet focaccia), Pan de Mej, Resta, Pan Mataloc and Nocciolini of Canzo.

To name the most traditional sweets.

Where to buy quality flours and typical sweets

  • Fabbrica dei Nocciolini (Canzo)
  • Panificio Gelpi – especially if you are looking for the braschino (Garzeno)
  • Pasticceria Aste (Menaggio)
  • Pasticceria Cassera Moretti (Menaggio)
  • Cascina la Baia del Re (Guanzate) – I also find their products on the e-commerce of deComm (Como) and by Lo Scalo (Cremia)

6# Wine

Yes, even on Lake Como there is a wine production, albeit a niche one.

This is the IGP Terre Lariane: on the lake, cultivation mostly involves the village of Domaso and its surroundings, with the production of Domasino. A must for fans of this product.

In short, there is enough to lick your lips, no? 🙂

Where to buy typical Lake Como wine

  • Cantine Angelinetta (Domaso)
  • Ristorante Enoteca Aquila D’Oro (Gravedona)

Finally, to all the names of local producers and retailers already suggested in the article, I would add the Covered Market of Como as a reference point to stock up on local excellence.

Last but not least, you can follow me on Instagram to discover together the more local side of Lake Como!