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Covered Market of Como: the beauty of shopping here!

Como covered market, stocking up on local products

I asked myself and gave myself an answer: what do I like so much about markets?

Well, at least the following 3 things: products in their most authentic form, human contact and being served.

In Como, the covered market was opened, after long debates and many plans, on 28 October in 1934 and it is still a lively and active place today.

I like to do my shopping here when I have enough time to enjoy everything that you can hardly find in a supermarket.

Apart from being able to buy a product directly from the person who produces it (and this is already a great added value!), the fun for me lies above all in the fact that shopping becomes a true sensory journey, a total involvement of the senses, sight and smell above all!

covered market in Como and cheese stand

Looking at the hands and the look on the face of the person who produced what I am about to buy is not something you do every day!

Of course (and fortunately) taste also plays its part, because often, very often, at the market they even let you try the product. The grape, the slice of salami or the jam.

A taste here, a taste there, and you’d buy everything.

Not to mention that, if you have the time and willingness to listen, you are also told about the product and you even take home some tips on how best to cook it. Because whoever sells it to you is putting their face on it and cares about making a good impression!

At the market, customers do not go unnoticed, as is the case when you are among the shelves of a department store.

This can have its downside on some days ;-), but if time allows and I’m not in a hurry, I really like to take a tour of a place like this!

Como Covered Market and its products

vegetables covered market como

Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, cheeses galore, meat and baked goods.

But also honey, fresh pasta, Valtellina products, porcini mushrooms, jams, oil, olives, eggs… and flowers!

To tell you the first things that come to mind.

By the way, if you are interested in local products and some recipes, you will also find many ideas in my blog, in the section dedicated to local products.

A brief history of covered markets

Since I was intrigued to understand how covered markets came into being, I will tell you, in four lines and simplifying a lot, how they came into being. If you have more details or curiosity, please write it all in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Basically, the covered market was born out of the need to defend and preserve easily perishable products.

Originally, markets were held in natural caves or wooden buildings, covered by canopies.

Then they moved to city squares, where arcades could generally provide shelter for traders.

The need to cover the squares where markets were held first occurred in the Nordic countries, for obvious reasons.

It was not until the 19th century that covered markets as we know them today began to be built: structures of masonry, iron and glass.

Como covered market: where and when

Como’s covered market is in Via Mentana.

Hours: Tuesday 8-13 – Thursday 8-13 – Friday 8-19 (optional) – Saturday 8-19

Saturday is the best day to go there if you are looking for local producers.