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Hi, I am Marta Mascaro, I have been working in the world of communication, travel and destination promotion for years.
I am a Local Blogger specialized in my territory, the fantastic and all-to-be discover world of Lake Como.

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I strongly believe in an approach to travel that is as sustainable as possible, not geared toward the hit-and-run, but to the true and slow getting to know the places you visit. I promote and support local purchases, small territorial realities and the micro-economy.

And I think that going out to discover the wonders “down home” is the first step to really falling in love with the places where we live.

I love my territory because in a world that runs fast, every day here I manage to slow down and find the right pace. In front of its breathtaking views, among the streets of its small villages and on the top of its wonderful mountains.

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Lakeaddicted was born in 2015. Thanks to its more than 130,000 annual visits, it is a local blog that has evolved, into a full-fledged magazine of local activities and culture

Here you will find the lesser-known trails, the most beautiful and special accommodations, and activities to do as a couple, with family, with friends or alone, all year round. Above all, here you will find the most authentic aspects of life on Lake Como, as only a lover of its territory can tell.

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