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My name is Marta and I am a Local Blogger.

I live in a small village on Lake Como, I have a degree in Linguistic Mediation and I have always worked in tourism.

In 2015 I started the blog Lakeaddicted to dedicate myself with passion and autonomy to the promotion of my beloved Lake Como, at 360°.

I took my first steps in the world of communication during my studies. While it is thanks to my work experiences that I was able to know the world of travel and territorial promotion.

Among the various activities that I have carried out, the most significant from a professional point of view have certainly been at the Tourist Promotion Office and at Villa Carlotta, a well-known attraction in the area.

The direct contact with the public allowed me to experience first-hand the real needs of those who choose Lake Como as their destination.

But above all, it triggered in me the desire to give concrete and accessible answers to all those questions that, over the years, I had been asked by the thousands of people I had met over the years.

In short, I had in my hands a huge amount of ideas to create content that could be useful to those who visit the lake. And so I started to write…

That’s how the blog was born!

Being a Local Blogger means, in a nutshell, being the one who tells, promotes and enhances the value of one’s own territory through one’s own digital channels.

But it also means strongly believing that nothing is too small not to be told.

And that the first step in starting to travel is to fall in love first of all with the wonders “close to home”.

Read my blog and discover Lake Como with me!