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10 handcrafted and local gift ideas

natale como

Souvenirs Made in Como

December is here and with it the gray skies, the first decorations tar the streets of towns and cities and the desire to start breathing and savoring Christmas colors and atmosphere.

And since one of the typical activities of these weeks (normally) is gift-buying, I thought I would put together a list of ideas to inspire local shopping.

I have always been talking to you, here and on my social channels, about local activities convinced that small stores and artisan laboratories are something very valuable and precious, to be preserved.

Without them cities, towns and villages would have no soul.

This year this conviction is loaded with an extra meaning and becomes a conscious choice in my purchases and also a challenge, if you will.

That is why I share this list, a mix of craft ideas for different budgets and tastes, which I hope will give you some ideas for your gifts.

Lake Como gifts, discover the best handcrafted products to buy

1# Designer coffee mugs

lake como gifts, a mug by deComm

It is to deComm that I think if I am looking for a gift that is not demanding, but neither anonymous nor even trivial.

On Maddalena’s e-commerce, I find ceramic and porcelain kitchen items with a simple and modern style, personalized with Larian-inspired images: cups, mugs, plates, glasses, aprons, tablecloths, etc.

And I choose the little wave cup, an unusual coffee mug with a light line, with a seaplane design, to remind me of a dream in the drawer and get back to fantasizing!

2# Persicostyle coasters

[Update: Persicostyle went out of business in 2023]

I would take just about anything from them, they have a style that fully meets my taste, especially when it comes to decor elements.

Currently among the items I have put on my wish list are these handmade coasters with gorgeous shades.

What do you guys think?

3# Souvenir photo in personalized frame

One gift I’ve always loved to receive are photos, the ones taken without me noticing. I find it a simple, yet beautiful thought.

To make it even more polished and original, you can go for a beautiful frame or canvas print! And at Galleria Tettamanti (Menaggio) it is impossible not to find the solution that best suits your needs and tastes!

4# Pointed ballet flats by Mia Moltrasio

lake como handscraft gifts,

Another company that I love is Mia Moltrasio!

Here we are talking about a gift that is quite a bit more challenging, but of the highest quality.

The world you are catapulted into is the world of handmade shoes: pointed velvet ballet flats, but also satin and silk, leather ankle boots and beautifully colored loafers. In short, we are talking about one of the handicrafts with a capital “p” of Lake Como!

It depends on what you are looking for, but if by chance it is a gift to surprise a woman, this could be the solution.

5# An Akuaduulza Jewel

Here is another very precious, very handcrafted and very “made in Lario” gift idea.

The thing that fascinates me most about Akuaduulza jewelry, all handmade in gold and silver, is the fact that each creation is inspired by, tells a story about, and pays homage to some of the most beautiful wonders of the lake. Very special is the line “I Pizzi,” inspired by the majestic gates of the most famous villas and gardens.

In this case I wanted to give a cue for a men’s gift, and the two bracelets in the photo are very much so for me!

6# Silk headbands

Could the silk item have been missing among the ideas of Lake Como gifts? Of course not!

hndscraft gifts from Lake Como

And among all the proposals from Aquadulza, a young silk accessories brand Made on Lake Como, the one I suggest here are these very wintry, very fashionable, very lake color hair ribbons.

7# The red gold of the lake

I’m not talking about jewelry, but about Lake Como’s most famous saffron, Zafferano Collina d’Oro, grown in the hills of Faloppio (Co).

A gift for foodies and people who appreciate the excellence of the land.

I’m sure many ladies, between this delicacy and a pair of earrings, would have a hard time choosing!

8# Acqua del Lario Perfume

Lake Como gifts, Aqua del Lario Perfume

That, especially at Christmas time, perfumes, fragrances and candles sell like hot cakes is no mystery.

Those from Acqua del Lario are made especially to inebriate our homes and our days with scents that speak of water, wind and territory.

9# Cooking class

Giving not objects but experiences is very fashionable and is another one of those gifts that I love. Assuming you know well the tastes of the recipient 🙂 and made the right investigations, it is usually a gift that surprises.

I among a thousand opportunities suggest a cooking class and can only recommend those who have cooked for my blog:

For food and wine gift ideas, on the other hand, in this article you will find typical local products and tips on where to buy them.

10# Natural candles

And here we come to the green idea!

I was looking for natural candles, and when I found these, made of soy wax and shea butter, cast in an aluminum jar that is completely recyclable and reusable, I hit bingo.

In this case we are at Erbainfusa, a store in Como that specializes in loose herbal teas, but where you can also find natural incense and soaps, organic cosmetics, and many other such lovely things.