Consulting service “Lakeside Holiday”

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Here you are in the right place.

The offer on Lake Como is so wide that juggling among the thousands of opportunities is not easy. Everybody promotes everything, but nobody really explains you how to put everything together.

The reality is that only those who live and visit a territory every day can really give you those tips that make the difference.

Imagine if you had a list of valuable suggestions designed exactly for the type of holiday you have in mind.

How would you feel?

No more hours spent surfing from one site to the next putting together information that is often identical, generic and of little help.

The good news is that you can not only imagine this list, you can also have it, thanks to my “Lakeside Holiday” consulting service.

My “Lakeside Holiday” consulting service

My service “Lakeside Holiday” is designed especially for those who like to organise themselves and move independently, but are also looking for the kind of advice that only a local can give.

With my advice I help you to choose where to stay, the best places to eat, but above all what to do and what to visit, according to your interests, the period and the time you have available.

Do you like it?

I’m very pleased, because for me it is the best opportunity to use my knowledge of the area, built and cultivated in over 7 years of activity as a Local Blogger of Lake Como.

How does “Lakeside Holiday” work?

Once I have received your e-mail with the service activation request and the confirmation of payment, the consultation will be active.

You can then send me your questions by e-mail. The number of questions you can send me will depend on the type of package you have chosen to purchase, as explained below.

After receiving your e-mail with the questions, in 4 working days I will send you detailed and personalized answers, which will allow you to organize and define at best your holiday on Lake Como.

What are you waiting for?

Write to and get your personalized advice.

I can’t wait to help you discover the wonders of Lake Como!


local blogger Lago di Como Lakeaddicted

As well as having lived on the lake all my life, I have been working passionately for years to promote it, to network with operators in the sector and to advertise itineraries, small villages and local activities.

But above all I visit and explore it far and wide without stopping and constantly!

It is thanks to this experience that I can guarantee you the best possible service.

To get an idea of what I do and how I work, you can browse through the pages of my blog and on my social profiles, Instagram and Facebook.

I know you can find a lot of sites on the net with suggestions on what to do and see on the lake in X days. But are you so sure that a portal about Europe, Asia, America and… Lake Como can really give you the advice you are looking for?

Only living every day a territory it is really possible to know its rhythms, its characteristics and its peculiarities.

Only who lives it every day can give you those advices that make the difference!


Choose the formula that suits you best:

READY TO GO (cost €35): advice suitable for you if you already have in mind the places you wish to visit, but are unsure how to organise yourself. I will answer by e-mail up to a maximum of 6 questions to help you define the details of your holiday.

[This formula does not include advice on accommodation and restaurants].

ZERO THOUGHTS (cost €60): advice suitable for you if you have to organise your holiday from scratch and also need advice on accommodation and restaurants. I will answer by e-mail up to 10 questions to help you define the details of your holiday. .

Write to and I will send you all the information you need to activate the consultation and make the payment by bank transfer.


Is the counselling covered by a guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with my service, you can request a refund and I will return the full amount paid.

Are other forms of payment possible apart from bank transfer?

Yes, you can also pay via PayPal. Please write to me at for details.

Do you make reservations?

No, I do not make any reservations. However, I will give you useful suggestions on the best places and facilities to stay, depending on the length of your holiday, the activities you like to do and the means of transport you will use.

Once I have received the email with the answers, can I ask you any further questions?

Yes, if something is not clear, you will receive a further e-mail for clarification.