My Travel Designer service to help you in planning your holiday on Lake Como

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I grew up on the shores of Lake Como and have always worked in the Como tourism market.

Thanks to my love for my area and my experience over all these years, I have discovered every tourist service, hidden corner, ideal place and time for any kind of vacation or visit to Lake Como.

I analyze what you want to do on Lake Como and recommend:

  • Quality restaurants, hotels, aperitif places, B&Bs, stores, apartments and services to suit your needs.
  • Itineraries for your walks, hidden corners to photograph, less crowded parking lots, beaches or monuments to see.
  • What to do and where to go on Lake Como for romantic evenings, trips with children and teens, trips with pets, cultural or nature visits.
  • The best times of year and times to visit each village on our lake.
  • How and when to book every service and means of transportation you need, from bus tickets to exclusive private boat rides.
  • New ideas, experiences and activities on the lake you hadn’t thought of yet.

The range of itineraries, accommodations and restaurants on Lake Como is so vast that juggling the myriad services, facilities, venues and means of transportation is not easy. Everyone promotes everything, but no one really explains how to fit everything together.

Imagine having a list of valuable suggestions designed exactly for the kind of vacation you have in mind.

That’s the advice I offer you with my Travel Designer Service!

Tell me how you imagine your ideal trip to Lake Como:

Fill out the form below to tell me what you would like to do in Lake Como, when and with whom: I will help you choose the type of itinerary best suited to your needs from those proposed in my Travel Designer service.

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How much does my Travel Designer service for Lake Como cost?

vacanza sul lago di como itinerari personalizzati

Depending on your need I offer 3 types of counseling, designed for different needs and budgets:

  • 10€ – STANDARD ITINERARY: a pre-packaged itinerary, in PDF format, with the most famous and classic stops of the Central Part of the lake, the exact times of the boats to take and detailed information to visit the most renowned area of the lake in one day and without stress. This kind of itinerary is perfect for those planning to start their lake trip from Menaggio or Varenna. (It DOES NOT include advice on where to sleep and where to eat).
  • 35€ per day to be scheduled – GOLD ITINERARY: an itinerary designed ad-hoc for the Lake Como experience you seek. Detailed, personalized planning of your vacation with the places, stops and times you need, full of info and details you won’t find on other sites, blogs or travel guides. I give you all the time you need to organize together, down to the smallest detail, your days on Lake Como and create an itinerary tailor-made for you. (It DOES NOT include advice on where to sleep and where to eat)
  • 50 € EXTRA INFO: an extra service to be added to the Gold Itinerary to also be closely followed in choosing the accommodation where to stay and the best places to eat. Personalized and exclusive help to complete your travel itinerary and make your stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

Choose the type of itinerary that best suits you!

I can help you identify the best place to stay, the right places to go to eat, but most importantly what to do and what to visit, depending on your interests, the period and the time you have available.

For me, each time the creation of an itinerary is an opportunity to put into play my knowledge of the Lake Como area, built and cultivated over many years as a Tourism Promoter, a Tourism Assistant and a Lake Como Local Blogger.

Why choose me?

I grew up on Lake Como, and I am madly in love with these places.

For years I have worked passionately to promote my lake, but mostly I visit and explore it far and wide, in every season.

I have woven a reliable and professional network with local tourism operators. I strive to enhance local itineraries, small villages and activities, which I love and know firsthand.

It is through this experience that I can best guarantee my service to you.

To get an idea of what I do and how I work, you can browse through the pages of my blog and on my social profiles, Instagram and Facebook.

Only by living an area every day is it really possible to know its rhythms, characteristics and peculiarities.

Living and working every day around Lake Como, I can give you tips that make a difference.


How can I pay for packages and travel counseling?

You can make payment by Wire Transfer or PayPal.

Do you do local reservations?

No, I do not deal directly with booking your vacation. Instead, I put you in touch with the best facilities where you can stay, based on the length of your vacation, the activities you love to do, and the means by which you will travel. This way you can discuss the terms and timing of your booking directly with the facility of your choice.

After receiving your counseling package, can I ask you further questions?

Yes, if something is unclear, counseling includes an additional clarification email.

Can you also advise me on boat tours on Lake Como?

Of course! I am very familiar with boat tours on the Lake Como and always recommend the ones best suited for the type of vacation you are looking for. These will be listed in the “SMALL ITINERARIES” or we can talk about them freely if you choose the GOLDEN ITINERARY.

Can you help me choose the place (hotel, apartment, B&B, etc.) I should stay overnight to optimize travel?

Yes, I have studied in detail the areas of interest around the lake and interwoven them with a list of the most suitable accommodations for each need. With the recommendations of my Travel Designer service you can choose the most suitable place to stay overnight depending on the places you want to visit on Lake Como.

Can you help me to choose what to see in Como based on how many days we have?

Absolutely. Both the SMALL ITINERARIES and the GOLDEN ITINERARIES are planned to recommend Lake Como’s “must sees” depending on the type of vacation you are looking for and the number of days you will stay on the lake.

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By submitting this message you consent to the processing of your data to answer your questions, following the rules and privacy policy of the Lakeaddicted blog. You will NOT receive any kind of spam or newsletters, only my response!