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depliant greenway lago di como

A picnic along the Lake Como Greenway.

The Lake Como Greenway is a beautiful and easy walk that can be done with family, alone or with friends if you want to visit…

il rogolone, una quercia secolare

Walk to Rogolone, the “great gentle giant”

But, what is Rogolone in the first place? It is a centuries-old oak well known in these parts, almost as if it were a relative,…

statua allattamento

The Trail of Expressions… for walking while having fun!

The Trail of Expressions, a walk in the heart of the Intelvi Valley. How long it lasts, where to eat and much more.

2 easy walks on Lake Como

Easy walks on Lake Como: 2 easy routes suitable for the whole family, through woods, villages and beautiful views.

7 itineraries accessible with strollers on Lake Como

Stroller friendly walks on Lake Como: 7 beautiful trails accessible with prams. They are flat, wide enough and recomended by local parents

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