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Like A Fish, clothing and accessories inspired by Lake Como

Handmade accessories from Lake Como: clothing, costume jewelry and decorations

As you know, for some time now one of the raisons d’être of my blog is to give online visibility not only to the tourist attractions, but also to its local products and activities, the true soul of small italian towns, cities and villages.

So when Nadia, the owner of Like A Fish, contacted me to see if what she came up with from scratch could be interesting to my audience, I had no doubts.

Her story is a true mix of courage to take that small (or big) leap of faith necessary to pursue one’s dreams and an unbridled, tangible passion for the land where she lives.

Do you think I could have missed the opportunity to tell you about it!

The story of Like A Fish in brief

As I told you, behind the Like a Fish brand is Nadia, an official Lake Como tour guide who is definitely in love with her lake and has always been committed to enhancing it. She has been a guide for 15 years, but these days those who work in the tourism industry now know that there are very few certainties left.

And so, like so many, she, driven by the crisis caused by Covid, reinvented herself.

On April 1, 2021, she made a nice April Fool’s joke to fate and with great determination finally registered the trademark of her new business: at that moment Like A Fish was officially born. It was her dream in the drawer, her new way of telling the story of Lake Como.

If for years she did it by accompanying tourists in person to see the wonders of the area, today she does it by creating for them souvenir objects to take home that speak of the Lario, its most characteristic corners and its traditions.

Nadia has always cultivated a passion for handmade accessories, but as is often the case, it is life’s circumstances that let us know when it is time to reopen certain drawers and give our dreams the right chance. She found those drawers overflowing with colorful materials just waiting for the right opportunity to become something unique and special!

The creations of Like A Fish

It all started with t-shirts, an item of clothing that is actually very popular, but made special by the Like a Fish logo, created by hand, and the careful choice of cotton, strictly organic. They are colorful and available in men’s, women’s and children’s versions.

Her creativity, however, was churning and the next step was to finally get her hands in the dough and start making unique pieces of costume jewelry: earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, key chains, you name it. To assemble them she chooses only quality materials, strictly hypoallergenic: nickel-free steel, mother of pearl, Venetian murrine, ceramics. Felt, ribbons and decorations are also first-rate, purchased only from qualified suppliers.

Slowly she becomes known, especially among locals and begins to receive requests for custom handmade items and accessories, which she promptly creates…paper earrings, birth bows, scented plaster creations, wedding favors.

Do you have a request? She listens to you carefully and tries to make it.

handmade earrings, accessories Lake Como

Handmade earrings
Beaded bracelet, accessories Like A Fish from Lake Como

Beaded bracelet

And so the assortment is constantly being enriched.

After costume jewelry, the new entries have been many! From summer bags with the “Like A Fish” logo, to perfumes for both her and him, to sweatshirts for men and women, to the Forget-me-nots, an original souvenir item.

accessories from Lake Como, summer handbag

Summer handbag

But above all, it is the list of handmade creations that is becoming more populated every day and continually adapting to the time of year. There are countless decorations for the home: felt and wool dolls, cloth pumpkins, scented chalk in a thousand shapes, Christmas balls, garlands and gnomes.

Her 3 best-selling products? Steef bracelets, t-shirts, and handmade decorations.

The list of available accessories and items is constantly being updated because Nadia is a running train and there are always so many ideas running through her head.

Surely the best thing not to miss any of her creations is to follow her on social media and get in touch with her directly.

handmade accessories Like A Fish, from Lake Como

Stiff bracelet

Christmas decorations

Fabric pumpkins

Handmade accessories that tell the story of Lake Como

The lake is told through the names Nadia chooses for her creations.

Thus the doll bears none other than the name of Queen Teodolinda, the queen of the Lombards very famous on Lake Como. The gnomes are “i Barbignomi,” from Barbignano, a historic hamlet of Dongo; the perfume is Torno as one of her favorite lake towns.

Stories uncovered in the roots, history and popular culture of the lake that she, as a tour guide, knows well.

Then among her creations are fabric witches to remind us how even in these parts in some places more than others, such as Lezzeno, Rovenna or Praa della Taca, tales and traditions related to the world of witches and the use of healing herbs are handed down.

The bijoux line “Santa Rosalia,” on the other hand, smells all of Sicily and refers to the emigration to Palermo of people from the valleys of the lake. And to the spread among highland women of the use of Sicilian goldsmithing.

Last but not least, the logo itself is a hymn to the lake, its colors and the symbol that most recalls the tradition of this land, the fish!

The “Teodolinde dolls”

“Santa Rosalia” bijoux

Fabric witches

Where to find Like A Fish’s creations

But let’s get down to business!

Where can you buy Like A Fish’s creations, accessories and clothing? Either by visiting Nadia directly in her workshop or in many small stores scattered around the lake.

Here is the list of outlets:

  • at its workshop in Dongo (Via Antica Regina, 79)
  • Oscar Cap in Consiglio di Rumo
  • The Pensierino in Dongo (Piazza Matteri)
  • Casa di Mo in Como (piazza Volta)
  • Museum of the End of the War in Dongo (seasonal opening)
  • Tout Saab Surf Center in Gera Lario (seasonal opening)


Like A Fish

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Via Antica Regina, 79 – Dongo (Co), Tel. +39 338 3811582

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