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Made in Como products on Amazon!

Buy Lake Como products on Amazon? Today you can!

Those who have been following me for a while know that one of the raisons d’être of this blog, as well as of my social channels, is the promotion of the territory, its products and producers. Supporting craftsmanship and small-scale distribution means helping to keep small villages and their values and tradition alive.

But since we live in an era in which being present even online is no longer just a fad, but a real strategy to survive, an increasing number of local realities, even very small ones, are peeping into the ocean of the web.

Although in-store shopping remains the most effective and direct method of sustaining an area’s micro-economy, it goes without saying that online shopping can lend a big hand in supporting even small local businesses. So, I went to see which local companies were present with their products on Amazon, the most famous American Marketplace.

And I made interesting discoveries, which I’ll tell you about right now!

First of all, did you know that there is a section entirely dedicated to Made in Italy products? Inside it you can find products divided by region (here the products from Lombardy).

I poked around hard looking for Made in Como and here is what I found!

Local Shopping on Amazon

Foods and beverages

I went to browse through the food local companies and, first of all, Oil from Awarded Oil factory Vanini , available in bottles of different sizes, stands out. But could cold cuts and cheeses be missing? The easiest to find on Amazon are those selected and distributed by the Como-based company Cantaluppi and the Valtellina Casera cheese from Azienda Agricola Fiorida, from Mantello.

Olive Oil from Lake Como, shopping online

Vanini Olive Oil

As for cakes, I found the famous Larian cake Resta, packaged by Como-based Baj & C. And to be fair, not always available on Amazon.


Distillates include Rivo Gin, made from botanicals hand-picked in the meadows around Lake Como.

Rivo Gin


Among the handicrafts, the easiest items to unearth are those made of silk, such as scarves, dresses and handkerchiefs, and Ema – BIA’s beautiful poschettes made with silk from Como.

Silk of Como Foulard
Shopping Lake Como: pochette EMA-BIA

Pochette EMA-BIA

Then it is impossible not to mention the showcase of the Ratti company, a famous textile factory in Como.

Books and games

I found many books by local authors featured on Amazon.

And there is no shortage of items from the historic Lariologo Publishing House, specializing in local books and Larian games (the Lake Como Goose Game and MemoLario, to name the most famous) and the equally famous Dominioni Publishing House, with books, games and souvenirs of the area.

shopping lake como

Lake Como Goose Game

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