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B&B Villa Laura, the right place to stay in Lierna

And here I am with a new interview fresh for you, yet another stop on my journey through the territory to discover small, local and valuable activities!

Today I take you among the rooms of a small family-run B&B, a charming place to stay in Lierna, on the Lecco shore of Lake Como.

Introducing us to the facility is Martina, daughter of the owners and in charge of, among other things, communication and promotion of Villa Laura.

So let’s get to know her together!

Where to stay in Lierna? Let’s discover the B&B Villa Laura

How was B&B Villa Laura born?

Martina and her family

Villa Laura is an old mansion dating back to 1860 and has had only two owners: Mrs. Laura and my family.

When Mrs. Laura was widowed, she decided to sell all her possessions. It was then, in 1953, that my father’s grandparents bought the villa, just when he was born.

Since that time Villa Laura has belonged to my family.

Over the years, several renovations have been made, the most important of which was the creation of the swimming pool, but we have always maintained the original style of the Villa; even the window shutters are period, because it is important for us to keep the history of the house alive.

Villa Laura , a great B&B to stay in Lierna

B&B Villa Laura in Lierna

Villa Laura’s interior

It was my mom’s idea to open a bed and breakfast; as a family we have always had many people coming to visit us, because we like to have company, and, one fine day she said “why don’t we try opening a B&B!”

Said and done! The first year we left the house exactly as it was and it went very well.

Since then we have made a lot of improvements, because we don’t like to stand still!

The swimming pool

Can you describe Villa Laura in a few lines?

At the disposal of our guests we have three apartments: Princess Mafalda, Apartment Sofia and the annex Princess Jolanda, a structure independent from the villa, also within the garden, renovated in 2020.

But the absolute highlight is that all rooms in the main villa have views of mountains, lake, pool and garden. Feature, of course, much appreciated!

Detail of Sofia Apartment
a room of Villa Laura, a wonderful place to stay in Lierna

Princess Mafalda room

Depandance Jolanda

What accolades have you achieved over the years?

Booking has given us several accolades: we started with an 8.9 and have now reached a 9.7! But the biggest recognition, by far, is seeing that guests always come back, and that is a wonderful personal satisfaction!

You can see prices and offers HERE.

What does the word guest mean to you?

In our facility, guests are not just customers, they are friends. We like to give them a warm welcome, and the best thing is that they then become part of our family.

What channels do you use to make yourselves known?

We do a lot of work through Booking, Airbnb and our website. But of course I can’t not mention my Instagram page as well, which I care about very much and which I take care of in a punctilious way. After all, it is also the most direct channel with which to stay in touch with those who choose to stay with us.

And then it has to be said, social really helps a lot; you can reach hundreds of people by sharing a photo of one of your guests.

Is it, in any way, a problem to be on the lesser known shore of the lake?

More than a problem, I would say it is an advantage!

Guests come to visit the more famous towns, such as Bellagio and Varenna, but then it’s nice to come back to the tranquility of a small town. Also, Lierna is really beautiful and is home to the largest beach on Lake Como, so it has its own why!

What is your typical guest?

Our B&B is suitable for everyone; we mainly host families with children and teenagers. But we have also organized weddings and it has been very nice. And, new this year, we were even chosen as the location for a photo shoot for a couple of major brands!

Truly a fantastic experience!

Biggest challenge and greatest satisfaction?

The biggest challenge I think is trying to meet all the guests’ requests. We always try to do our best.

The greatest satisfaction, on the other hand, is definitely seeing guests come back, because it means they had a good time with us!

Why is Villa Laura the right place to stay in Lierna or when you visit Lake Como?

Well, because of our warm welcome, good company, as well as great breakfast 😜!

where to stay in Lierna? B&B villa Laura, here youcan see the great breakfast


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