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Aperitif on Lake Como? I like to go here

Cocktail hour is the time of day when the imperative is to relax.

For me, it’s nice to do it among friends.

And a combination of elements can make the aperitif a very special moment: cocktails and wines to choose from, quality of food, and of course location. And each of us definitely has our own personal list of favorite venues that are perfect for one or the other occasion.

Mine is the one below, always ready to get longer!

Aperitif on Lake Como

1# Lo Scalo (Cremia)

Believe me, it is a must for an aperitif on Lake Como! If we talk about cocktails, it is, according to many (and, within the limits of my expertise, I confirm!) the number one on the lake.

In fact, one only has to take a look at the ingredients used to bring their drinks to life to immediately realize that each of their offerings is the result of finding the perfect balance between flavors. Local fruits and herbs form the basis of all their creations, which in this way narrate the territory and enhance it. In beautiful glasses with distinctive shapes.

aperitif with cocktails

Its location also contributes quite a bit to making the time spent here special: it is an area of the lake where there is always a quiet, holiday atmosphere.

On the horizon are the mountains and towns of the Upper Lake. All around small beaches and a beautiful promenade that takes you from Cremia to Musso, all along the edge of the lake.

2# Luciano Bottega Caffè (Laglio)

Exactly the kind of place I’m crazy about, with great character and a good story to tell!

Once a butcher’s store, it now looks like a bottega, where what you can do is decide to enjoy a good coffee, stock up on excellent local products, and even enjoy a Mr. Appetizer.

The idea of changing clothes, but without losing its identity and, above all, focusing on enhancing the territory and its products, comes from Luciano’s sons, Andrea and Alessandro. The result is a lively and welcoming environment where you understand that what they focus on is quality.

I was tempted by the “tartarina del Luciano,” accompanied by grilled vegetables and a glass of Domasino‘s. They spoiled us by offering a noodle of cold cuts and cheeses.

All very much appreciated :-)!

aperitif on Lake Como, Luciano Bottega Caffè in Laglio

Remember that in the summer, at cocktail hour, it may not be easy to get a seat here. It is a very popular place and they don’t take reservations.

But there is a trick: take your time!

After all, you are there for a moment of relaxation, and the context in which it is set sweetens the wait: you drop by, leave your call sign and phone number, and go for a stroll in the surroundings. Which of beautiful corners to see there are, indeed! (P.S. it is located a stone’s throw from Clooney’s villa).

And one last treat…right in front of the venue there is also a small Vespa Rental, with 8 beautiful original Piaggio “examples” on display and available.

3# Millesimo (Carate Urio)

Again, the strength of the establishment (until recently, a typical village bar) lies in the careful research of the products they decide to offer the customer.

Millesimo, place I suggest for an aperitif on Lake Como

Here it would certainly be a shame not to enjoy a good glass of wine.

In fact, every bottle they offer has been chosen from among the many small, quality wineries scattered throughout Italy. Jacopo, one of the owners’ sons, is the wine expert: a degree in oenology, curiosity about the product and a lot of passion.

The dishes then are also a real treat for the palate! I recommend the beef carpaccio, with grana shavings and homemade pesto and the 24-month aged crudo, with burrata and arugula.

Next time I will definitely try the Cantabrian anchovies, with buffalo mozzarella or one of their ciabattine, which they say is so good.

Personally, I also loved the atmosphere, intimate and quiet, with attention to detail, perfect for savoring the evening.

4# Lido di Ossuccio

I can tell you that it is a lively place, very popular with young people (but not only ;-)), where there is often music and theme nights, especially on weekends. I like to go there when I feel like meeting old friends and reliving good evenings with friends!

aperitif on Lake Como

But it is also perfect for more collected aperitifs (and dinners): the setting in which it is set, with the Comacina Island right in front of your eyes, certainly makes it one of the most evocative and romantic places in the center of the lake.

5# Aquadulza (Tremezzo)

Although you have to give up the lake view here, the lack is well compensated for by the beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant and the quality of food and drink.

Aquadulza Tremezzo, good place for aperitif

They brew their own beer and it is also their ace in the hole, what made them famous around here in 2013. Yes, because the name of the place (opened in 2017 in a 200+ year old building) is actually first and foremost the brand name of their 4 beers: the 3MEZZINA, the VIA REGIA, the PATRIA and the 24Sei.

aperitif on lake como, Aquadulza Tremezzo

So we had our aperitif on the terrace, with a good glass of white. But for dinner we moved to one of the small dining rooms inside, retro in style, with original floors and walls, and got advice on the right beer to go with our dishes.

Excellent meat, refined ingredients and always looking to tradition!

6# Nené (San Giovanni hamlet in Bellagio)

This place was recommended to me by a Bellagio doc!

It is located among the streets of San Giovanni, the characteristic hamlet of Bellagio, less traveled by tourists, but perhaps also for this reason very charming.

What better excuse to get to know an unusual face of one of the most famous villages on Lake Como than to enjoy a good aperitif accompanied by excellent cold cuts?

In fact, the keynote of even this venue is said to be its products, also purchasable, carefully selected and preferably local.

7# Porto Diciotto (Pianello)

I would call it the perfect venue for a casual, unpretentious aperitif in a beautiful setting.

aperitif on lake como pianello

For me, the right pairing is stroll along the Bréva e Tivàn lakeside pedestrian walkway, plus refreshing stop at this little place with a very holiday appeal!

The list of course is always ready to get longer!

Discover lake como with me!