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The irresistible charm of the village of Rezzonico

A real gem off the beaten track

If you are a traveller in search of hidden treasures and little-known corners, my advice is not to miss the small village of Rezzonico, on the western shore of Lake Como.

If I had to spend a holiday on the lake, escaping the chaos and hectic pace, I would choose it without hesitation!

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One of the secrets of Rezzonico’s beauty is certainly its comforting tranquillity.

And although it is a village directly on the water and of delicate and incredible beauty, Rezzonico is not one of the most famous tourist stops on the Lario.

Rezzonico's pier on Lake Como

The village of Rezzonico seen from its pier

Of course, its streets are not a succession of shops, boutiques or restaurants.

And, apart from the small Church of the Three Kings, overlooking the village square, restored in the 17th century and where a statue of St Anthony of Padua is also kept and worshipped, there are no other particular tourist attractions, such as museums, villas or palaces, to visit.

But perhaps that is precisely what makes this small hamlet so fascinating. It is a village to be seen simply because it is beautiful, full stop.

A beauty in its own right.

The castle of Rezzonico

Dominating this maze of dwellings overlooking the lake is the castle, built in the 10th century by the Della Torre di Rezzonico counts, one of the most important feudal families in the area.

You know Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice?

It is linked to this very family that had such a long dynasty that at one point it split into two branches, one from Como and another from Venice, which gave birth to Pope Clement XIII.

A curiosity that, I must say, impressed me greatly!

The crenellated tower of Rezzonico Castle

The crenellated tower of Rezzonico Castle

Over the centuries, the castle has been enlarged (the walls date back to the 14th century) and restored several times and today has large parts in neo-medieval style, such as the two small towers at the corners of the perimeter walls.

It cannot be visited, but its crenellated tower marks the silhouette of this hamlet unmistakably, no matter how you look at it.

What to see in Rezzonico: its three must-see gems

1# The beautiful arcade of fishermen’s houses at the bottom of the steps or ‘cuntrada de Riscionech’ (‘Contrada of Rezzonico’), which descends to the lake from the main road.

Fishermen's houses to see in Rezzonico Lake Como

Fishermen’s houses

2# The lakeside promenade which, although very short, offers extraordinary views!

What to see in Rezzonico on Lake Como? Its beautiful lakeside promenade

You may be intrigued by the strange wooden structures cantilevered over the water at the end of the village… they are nothing more than fishing posts, still in use today, and evidence of the true and oldest soul of this place.

3# The little beach on the left side of the village

If you are in Rezzonico in the summer months you will particularly appreciate it, as it is rather secluded and therefore less crowded than other beaches on Lake Como.

All this is framed by a network of well-kept old houses, gates surmounted by heraldic coats of arms, arches and cobbled streets.

Staying in Rezzonico

If you are wondering whether it is an easy place to get to, the answer is yes!

Although I have painted it as a village a little out of this world, in reality it is absolutely easy to find, reachable even by bus and just a stone’s throw from much more famous villages, including Menaggio, for example.

Moreover, among its streets it also boasts a small, respectable hotel (Locanda Lauro), which is family-run, simple, well-maintained and where it is possible to taste typical local dishes.

In short, you’ll have realised and you’ll want to count it, it’s easy to fall in love with this place!