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12 restaurants perfect for a dinner for two…but not only!


that Lake Como is a very romantic place is undeniable! Personally, I don’t even count the number of times during the day when I find myself suddenly stopping to admire the spectacle that mountains, lake and sky all together offer continuously and in any season.

Between sunrises and sunsets we don’t even mention it!

In this beautiful setting then I admit that, if you want to organize a romantic dinner, just have a terrace, a table and two chairs and it’s almost done.

But since details make all the difference, choosing a restaurant with a certain atmosphere also counts and can give you unforgettable emotions.

The idea of publishing an article on the subject came to me from a reader of the blog, who a few days ago (just before Valentine’s Day) wrote to me for advice on the subject.

It was natural for me to turn the question back to the blog community via my social channels. I was really curious to see if the answers would include the 2 restaurants I had thought of.

So here is the list that came out!

Of course, in the comments you can leave any other suggestion that comes to mind. Surely it will be appreciated by those looking for a romantic restaurant on Lake Como.

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I suggest:

Crotto dei Platani (Via Regina 73, Brienno) – is a historic restaurant with a beautiful terrace on the lake, full of perfect nooks and crannies for a tête-à-tête evening.

La Piazzetta (Piazza Roma 4/8, Argegno) – beautiful atmosphere in the square and excellent dishes. To keep in mind even in the winter months, when most of the structures on the lake close.

Lakeaddicted community suggests:

La Tirlindana (Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 5, Sala Comacina) – I’ve been there and I confirm! Everything at the top. It is located in one of the most romantic and picturesque corners of the lake, in front of the Comacina Island. Lake view assured.

La Darsena (Via Regina 3, Tremezzo) – this restaurant is also a guarantee. For a dinner for two in my opinion is perfect especially in summer for the beautiful terrace on the lake.

Locanda Sant’Anna (Via Schignano, Sant’Anna) – as the person who suggested it wrote, it is the right place “for something more mountain, but chic”. Also open year-round.

Trattoria del Porto (Via Del Pontile 26, Careno di Nesso) – very local, as suggested by the community and also by me, in an article I wrote a few years ago and that I still subscribe to in full! Also this one is perfect in summer. Best to book.

Feel (Via Armando Diaz 54, Como) – I’ve never been there, but I’ve been daydreaming about it for a while, ever since I “met” the chef and his gourmet local cuisine thanks to La Prova del Cuoco. Closed on Sundays.

Il Ristorante di Paolo (Largo Cavour 5, Menaggio) – since the suggestion of this place comes back frequently, I’ll make up for it soon and go there!

Casa del Portico (Via del Riale 8, AzzanoTremezzina) – its patio overlooking the lake (even though it is located inside the village) and its selected products, some grown directly in the garden of the property, for me are already two good reasons to mark the name of this little restaurant.

Belvedere (Piazza Casartelli 3, Torno) – here too another beautiful terrace overlooking the lake in the most characteristic point of Torno and very interesting menu.

Alle Darsene di Loppia (Via Melzi d’Eril, Bellagio) – its intimate pergola overlooking a small harbor is certainly perfect for a romantic dinner. As for the cuisine, just take a look at the reviews to understand that the level is very high.

Momi (Frazione Girola, Blevio) – just yesterday, chance had it that I was in Blevio (a town that I did not know yet) and that I happened, again by chance, on the terrace of this restaurant at sunset. What I said to myself was “I absolutely want to come back here for dinner”.

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