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Free and unmissable beaches


Lake Como has 170 km of coastline. Do you know what this means?

That in summer, between lidos, equipped beaches and free beaches, the choice of where to go to bask in the sun and swim is almost embarrassing!

I am for the “peace and quiet” genre, perhaps at the expense of a few extra services or amenities.

In today’s list, the first 4 suggestions are designed for those who are looking for small and slightly secluded beaches, rather far from the crowds and the most popular destinations. The other 7 free beaches are those suggested by the community of my blog!

I would like to add that the list is not a ranking, each of the beaches mentioned has its own reason for being different from the others and the best move is to explore them all!

Free beaches on Lake Como

#1 Free beach of Pianello

Free beach of Pianello on Lake Como

From Cremia to Musso there is a pleasant promenade right on the edge of the lake, along which there are several beaches of different size, many of which are close to bars or restaurants.

Among these, there is a beautiful one for its position and the shady sections it offers. An excellent idea for enjoying this part of the lake to the full is to walk the whole length of the promenade, after a refreshing dip in the water.

The surrounding mountains and the wonderful views regenerate body and mind, almost as much as a swim!

2# Beach of Rezzonico

beach of Rezzonico, lake Como

It is small, secluded and covered with white pebbles.

It is reached by a steep flight of steps that descends to the left of the village walls.

Going for a swim here has two advantages: the first is that you can enjoy a degree of privacy that other, more exposed beaches do not offer.

The second is that you are near one of the most beautiful and characteristic villages on the lake, Rezzonico, a maze of narrow streets and stairways waiting to be discovered. It would be a real shame not to take a peek.

3# Comacina Island free beaches

I’ll tell you straight away that here we are in the middle of the lake, in one of the most famous and well-known areas of the Lario.

In fact, the island is located in front of the village of Ossuccio, just a few kilometres away from attractions such as Villa Balbianello, Villa Carlotta, the Sacred Mount and the Greenway… just to mention the most important ones. And yet the beaches of Isola Comacina have for centuries retained their wild nature, typical of the strip of land that guards them.

If you want complete privacy, the advice is to head for the back side of the island (water level permitting): it can only be reached by boat and you’re unlikely to find crowds.

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind a bit of movement around, stay on the front side (the one facing the village): it’s a good compromise between tranquillity and crowded beaches.

Generally speaking, access to the island, either from the jetty where the boat docks or from the piers where other boats moor, is subject to payment of a ticket, allowing you to explore the island in complete freedom. Some will object that they are not so free. In reality, if you arrive by lake and just stay on the shore, no one will tell you anything.

#4 Careno Beach

This little beach, made up of sand and grass, is a truly enchanting corner of the lake. Since it can only be reached on foot (after descending a long flight of steps) or by boat, the crowds here are unheard of.

Careno beach

The icing on the cake is the Trattoria il Porto, just a minute away, where you can feast on fish in an intimate, family environment. Not to be missed!

And now 6 more free beaches on lake Como suggested by my blog community

5# Beach of Domaso and beach of Colico

Sofia of @Sofiaslakecomorentals suggests the beautiful beach of Domaso and the equally beautiful beach of Colico. Both are wide, breezy and offer the possibility of staying in the shade…you can’t blame her!

Domaso beach
beach of Colico, lake Como

Colico beach

6# Beach of Acquaseria

Stefano of @lariofrutta recommends us the small beach of Acquaseria, coming from Como you can find it just after the tunnels, at the mouth of the river. It’s ventilated and even has a barbecue area and games for children. I did not know it and I was very curious!

7# Beach of Lierna

Martina of @villalaura, on the other hand, takes us to the wonderful Riva Bianca beach in Lierna, a stone’s throw from the village’s castle. A fabulous setting!

beach of Lierna on Lake Como

8# Beach El Puunt in Griante – Cadenabbia

Fabrizio (@fabry) instead recommends the beach of Griante, in the locality al Pùunt. Great view of Bellagio!

free beaches on Lake Como, beach of Griante

9# Beach of Gravedona

Massimiliano (@max.barbero) suggests the beaches of Gravedona, those along the lakeside promenade, going towards Dongo. Here the wind is guaranteed and you can enjoy surfing and kitesurfing!

beaches of Gravedona, lake Como

10# Beach of Campo (in Lenno)

Riccardo (@riky.sirtori) loves the small beach of Campo (Lenno), a corner frequented mainly by locals, a stone’s throw from the characteristic historic centre. Here I put a photo of a detail of the village and as soon as I have it, I will replace it with the one of the beach.

Have a good swim and see you next time!

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