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Lake Como with kids: 7 things to do

Activities with your children on Lake Como? Here you find 7 ideas to try!

Travelling with children poses many more challenges…one of them is certainly to worry, at least in part, to make the trip fun and interesting for them too.

Fortunately, to make life easier for parents, there are a growing number of initiatives designed specifically to make places and attractions attractive to the whole family.

And since Lake Como is no exception, I have sifted for you ideas and activities that could make your life easier if you are here and travelling with your children!

What to do and visit on Lake Como with kids?

1# The Castle of Vezio

Lake Como with kids: here the falconer at Vezio Castle in Varenna

The place itself already exerts a certain fascination on children, but the day can really become unforgettable if you go during the hours when the falconer shows the birds of prey in flight, illustrating the various characteristics and curiosities of these elegant birds.

The show is truly fascinating!

If you have children who are a little older (at least 16 years old) and particularly interested in the subject, there is also the possibility, after registration, to participate in “Falconry for a day“, a day entirely dedicated to the knowledge of birds of prey!

2# A day within the Fortress Walls

An idea that will delight adults and children alike is a visit to the Forte di Fuentes and Forte Montecchio Nord in Colico.

The first one dates back to the 17th century and was built at the behest of the Spanish governor of Milan, only to be used again during the First World War. The second was built between 1912 and 1914, as a defensive system of the Northern Frontier.

And the best thing is that both include visits tailored for children, to immerse them in history in an engaging and interactive way.

If you want to be kept up to date with what’s on offer, just visit their website or Facebook page.

3# Farmers for a day

Another excellent proposal that could really make the whole family happy is a day in an educational farm.

There are many of them on Lake Como and children love them, because in these special places they have the opportunity to experience country life and contact with animals, as well as being able to try out activities that are unusual for them, such as making butter or cheese, milking cows and goats and learning the secrets of the farmer’s work.

In many cases, farms are also equipped with wellness centres or saunas, to the delight of parents.

And, last but not least, they usually offer excellent food and opportunities for beautiful walks in the surrounding area.

Here some adresses:

4# Workshops for children…in the rooms of a villa!

Lake Como is, in the common imagination, a very romantic place and maybe for this reason you will not want to give up visiting at least one of its famous and romantic villas!

And you do it very well!

Because there is a way to do it involving the whole family, since it is precisely within the walls of these ancient residences and in their gardens that a long series of workshops and activities tailored for children are often organised.

In some cases it is possible to book personalised visits on request, while in others it is sufficient to consult the events already scheduled in their calendar and register a few days in advance. The best thing to do, once you have chosen a villa, is to consult their websites and choose what inspires you most from the numerous proposals.

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5# Fun activities with Slow Lake Como

Taking part in one of the dozens of activities organised by Slow Lake Como means guaranteed fun!

Davide, Daniele and Sara, the creators of the project, have passion for the area and creativity to spare. They have combined them to create a long list of itineraries, events, courses and workshops for everyone!

I suggest you to have a look, on their website, at the ones for children…you’ll be spoilt for choice: Pictorial Alphabets, Crazy T-Shirts, A Day with the Little Goats in the Farm and the Mysteries of Como Game are just some of the activities they organise for children.

6# A day at the Museum

Do you like museums and, being on Lake Como, are you curious to know why there is so much talk of silk in these parts? Very good! All your curiosity will be satisfied by visiting the Civico Museo Setificio Monti in Abbadia Lariana and the Educational Museum of Silk in Como.

The former is a thread twisting factory converted into a museum. The second is a place created ad hoc to tell the story of Como’s silk industry.

These two sites also offer a wide range of family-friendly activities to make the visit enjoyable for both adults and children.

You can find all the details on their websites.

7# Fun at the Natural Reserve

Finally, a place not far from Lake Como, perfect for a day in the open air: Lago del Piano, on the road from Menaggio to Lugano.

It is a nature reserve, a magical place if you love nature.

In addition to the beauty of the place, there is a long list of activities that can be done here: daytime visits, night-time visits, by jeep, mountain bike, archery courses, listening to the roaring of the deer, rowing boat hire and much more.

In this very special place, children, if they are not too young, have a thousand opportunities to have fun and marvel. And their parents too!

It is also beautiful in winter, when the surface freezes over and the lake is transformed into a natural skating rink!

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