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Where to eat lake fish on Lake Como

Are you planning a holiday on Lake Como and, among other things, are you also wondering where you can eat lake fish and, why not, a nice plate of rice or risotto with perch, the most typical local dish ?

These are more than legitimate questions if you come to these parts and if you, like me, love to get to know and encounter an area also through its local specialities.

Well, I’ll give you good news! You have ended up in the right place ;-).

Both because in this article what you will find are some suggestions of trattorias and restaurants with lake fish on their menus, and because, if what you need instead is personalised assistance in finding out where to eat during your holiday, I’m right for you.

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Moreover, if this is not enough, you can also take a trip to my blog and browse in the Restaurant and Food section: there you will find many articles on typical local products, but also recipes on how to cook and where best to enjoy them.

In short, I think it’s clear, the subject also fascinates me and you are in the right place to find at least some of the answers you are looking for.

Fish restaurants and inns

But where, then, to eat lake fish on Lake Como? As I always make a point of emphasising, my lists are constantly evolving, they are based on my experience and are always ready to be adjusted and updated.

But above all, they are just a starting point.

As you can well imagine, the places where you can eat lake fish or taste at least one of the best-known dishes, risotto with perch, are many more than those I am about to name. Depending on the type of place you prefer and the area where you are staying, I can also assist you in finding the best alternative for you.

But let’s cut to the chase, so here are some of the places where I love to eat lake fish (the order is not a ranking):

1# Trattoria del Porto (Via Del Pontile 26, Careno di Nesso)

On Lake Como, it is a real institution for those who want to eat lake fish in an establishment with a long tradition and a very local flavour. Find out more about its menu, and the atmosphere at its tables, in this article. Here I just remind you that reservations are strongly recommended.

Trattoria del Porto

Trattoria del Porto

2# Ittiturismo Mella (Piazza San Giovanni Battista 6, Bellagio)

Mella Restaurant in San Giovanni, Bellagio

Mella Restaurant in San Giovanni, Bellagio

Here the fish served is freshly caught by Alessandro Sala, the last remaining professional fisherman in Bellagio. The cuisine is homemade and emphasises lake fish in its many variations, also giving space to lesser-known fish species. Of course, rice with perch is not missing from the menu. The restaurant is also a fishmonger and if you are interested in going out with Alessandro to share his passion, you will be welcome.

3# Trattoria San Giovanni (Via Statale 17, Ossuccio)

spaghetti with missoltino ragout, a dish to try if you want to eat lake fish on Lake Como

Spaghetti with missoltino fish

It is often said that, to eat well in a place you don’t know, the trick is to go where the locals go. Well, in this small trattoria, the tourist is more the exception than the rule, I can assure you. You come here not for the location, very simple and unpretentious, but for the lake dishes, those considered to be a must. Add generous portions and below-average prices and you will easily understand why booking is strongly recommended.

4# Trattoria San Giacomo (Via Statale 11, Ossuccio)

where to eat lake fish, trattoria san Giacomo in Ossuccio

The lake fish starter at Trattoria San Giacomo, Ossuccio

Like most of the best trattorias where you can enjoy traditional dishes, this one is also strictly and for decades, family-run. The dishes are very well prepared and beautifully cooked. Here, in addition to the very popular rice with perch (not risotto), my choice always falls on the fantastic lake fish starter! If you go there, let me know what you think 😉 .

5# Trattoria del Fagiano (Via Roma 54, Moltrasio)

Trattoria del Fagiano

Here is another place to enjoy traditional cuisine with tasty dishes strongly linked to the territory. It is renowned above all for its meats and cheeses, but on the menu there is no shortage of missoltino with polenta, risotto with perch (minimum for 2 people) and soused lavarello.

6# Il Grifo (Via Mattia del Riccio 19, Lenno)

Another historic village inn where for decades the same family has been handing down, from generation to generation, the secrets of local and Lombard cuisine, from starter to dessert. Different types of lake fish are offered in various versions. Top the paradello, a typical Lake Como dessert (find the recipe here)!

More restaurants where you can eat rice or risotto with perch on Lake Como

risotto with perch

Risotto with perch

Because I know that you too, among the many fish specialities, the one you absolutely want to try is precisely this one.

Here then, in addition to the trattorias mentioned above, I would like to point out three other restaurants that are not exclusively known for their lake fish, but have on their menus, in some cases very rich and apparently winking at tourists, the much renowned rice or risotto with perch.

Ristorante il Filo d’Olio (Via Regina 45, Carate Urio)

Who said that true traditional cuisine can only be found in what we all know as trattoria? I am a fan of familiar, old-fashioned settings, but I don’t mind finding tradition also in a more refined location. And this is the case: in this restaurant overlooking the lake you can enjoy the most famous local dishes such as polenta with missoltino or risotto with perch, in a truly delicious and refined setting.

La Baia (Frazione San Vito 8, Cremia)

La Baia Restaurant in Cremia

La Baia Restaurant in Cremia

Despite the fact that, at first glance, it may give the idea of a tourist magnet with an exaggeratedly rich menu and an exorbitant number of seats, I assure you that it will not disappoint you at all, on the contrary! The dishes are really well prepared and the famous risotto with perch is excellent! Reservation recommended.

La P’Osteria (Via Lungo Telo di Sinistra 3Argegno)

Housed in what used to be the village post office, this restaurant is renowned for its meat and Piedmontese cuisine. However, even here there is no shortage of local cuisine, including the famous risotto we are so fond of ;-).

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