Lake Como promotion: my services

I am a Local Blogger from Lake Como and I work to promote the area and its local activities.

How? I’ll tell you now!



The service of LOCAL BLOGGER is designed for all those local activities, small or medium-sized, looking for a modern and innovative channel to make themselves known online.

It’s the right service for you IF what you want is to make your business, your product or your service known to an audience and a community made of people very passionate about Lake Como and everything that is local.

Discover better how my LOCAL BLOGGER SERVICE works.


The service LAKESIDE HOLIDAY is thought for the tourist who wants to spend a holiday on Lake Como and is looking for precious advices to get organized in the best way and to discover the real gems of the territory.

It’s the right service for you IF you love to plan your holiday independently, but you don’t want to waste time jumping from one site to another without finding the answers you are looking for.

To better define your itinerary, the solution is to confront yourself with a local person, that lives the lake every day!

Discover how my SERVICE “LAKESIDE HOLIDAY” works.

Choose the service that suits you best and write to me at: