About my blog

2015-01-07 16.03.18What this blog will be :

  • a puzzle of images and words about the lake where I live, about how I see it and how I feel it
  • a cocktail of interesting suggestions about what happens here
  • a site to visit to get ideas and inspiration if you are thinking to spend some time on Lake Como

What this blog won’t be:

  • an encyclopedia plenty of detailed descriptions…I do not have the skills!
  • a guide book to refer to to get detailed schedules, addresses or info… there are already beautiful books and sites if you are looking for this kind of advices
  • a logical description of what there is to visit … the logic of contents will depend on my everyday mood, unfortunately!

I believe that this lake can drive you crazy, meaning that it can have very positive effects on those who visit it.

And I am here to show you how many beautiful treasures it guards.