About me

Ok, let’s start! I’ll tell you something about me.

I’m an Italian girl, living on Lake Como and I love the place where I live so much that I had to find a way to express this love! And the way is writing.

Yes, maybe not so original, but I like to write. I don’t know if I am a good wrier or not…Well, I’m sure I’m not a good English writer, my native language is Italian (and I have also an Italian blog, named Lakeaddicted). But I know that writing makes me feel good, and that’s already a success!

Then, I love cats, I like to take pictures, I love eating, wandering, browsing and learning.

But most, as I said, I love the place where I live, I feel that I could never do without … In the past I tried to pack and leave for a while, but it did not work. I realized that this lake would be my base camp, the piece of world where I could cultivate my passions and my relationships. And so it was.

So here I stayed and having every day thousand of enchanting places before my eyes, I felt the need to tell about them. Which is also an excuse to continue to discover new villages, mountains, panoramic points of view and secret spots.