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It is difficult to say what I love the most about my lake…what I can tell you is what really moves me.

Having somebody or something before your eyes every day and, in spite of this, being able to find something special, new and surprising in him/her/it every single day means love.

That’s a sort of a miracle! People usually get used to persons or places or objects and sometimes lose interest in what they see day after day…but when it happens that the more you know somebody or something , the more you love him/her/it, it means that you are in love with him/her/it.

And this is what happens to me with the following things of Lake Como.

#1 – Hidden corners

“Hidden corners” are corners that look like paintings, and on Lake Como you can find them everywhere, when you least expect it.

Sometimes I walk, thinking about the shopping list or the mess I have in my wardrobe, when I suddenly have to stop, because in front of me there is something that confuses me…a view, or a narrow street, or a house, so beautiful, so well-finished and with such bright colours that for a moment I feel like being in a painting.

Lake Como

#2 – Sunsets

Sunsets are beautiful everywhere. But here, at the end of the day, the sun hides behind the mountains, reflecting its warm light on the surface of the lake, which changes its colours every minute. And the show is always different.

I am lucky, the windows of my bedroom and living room overlook the lake and when I am at home, maybe in front of the PC, while writing my blog, the picture I have in front of me is absolutely astonishing.

Lake Como

Lake Como

#3 – Art treasures

I’m honest, I’m not an art expert, what I know about art is what I learnt at school. But I am sensitive to beauty and this helps me to admire what I have all around me. And believe me, there is so much to admire here.

In this picture, you can find one of my favourite views: a Romanic church perched over the lake, with mountains in the background.


Lake Como

See you soon. 🙂


Thanks to Alessandra and to Lake Como Driver for helping me to translate this article.