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This is a typical dish that you can find everywhere around the lakes!

And there is no better way to appreciate a place to the end than through its food and its flavors. Around here, on Lake Como, one of the most classic and popular dishes is rice or risotto with perch fillets. An absolutely delicious first course!

Turning in restaurants and taverns in the area, you will soon see why I spoke of “rice” or “risotto”: basically there are two versions, a simpler where rice is just “boiled rice” served with melted butter and sage (this is the original recipe) and another richer where the fish is accompanied by a creamy risotto. Of course, both are excellent.

I would say that the best way to avoid mistakes is to try them both. Here I’ll tell you the version with “risotto”. Here is the recipe for you to enjoy this delicacy even at home.

Ingredients for 4 people:

350 grams of rice
1 onion
Dry white wine
Broth for risotto
24 perch fillets
1 egg
butter 100g
Flour for breading
12 sage leaves

1. The process for preparing the risotto is the usual. So: butter and saute onion, add the rice, let it simmer, pour the white wine and let evaporate over high heat. Started at this point the cooking adding the broth a little at a time, as it evaporates. Stir continuously until it is al dente.

2. Meanwhile, prepare the perch fillets passing them in beaten egg and then in flour. Fry in plenty of butter flavored with sage leaves. Take care that the meat of the fish, very delicate, does not burn.

lake como food specialities

3. When the risotto is ready, remove from heat, add a piece of butter and plenty of Parmesan and stir.

Put together fish and risotto, and the dish is ready! Remember to serve hot and nice to eat.

I only wish you good appetite 🙂

Thanks to LakeApp for the translation and to Trattoria San Giacomo (a good resturant in Ossuccio) for the picture