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Craftsmanship products, handmade objects and the art of creating something from nothing, just starting from an idea or an inspiration really bowl me over. As unfortunately I haven’t been gifted with this kind of talent, I allow people with these skills to attract me. I really love handcraft items and when they talk about their territory…well, that’s real love!

This is why I started looking for these kinds of items all around the lake and my journey among products, artisans and artists began from the shop deComm!

This is a little shop in the centre of the town of Como, where the lake is exquisitely represented through the dexterity and creativity of Maddalena and all the articles that she creates.

The story of this shop is quite fascinating: Maddalena is a talented designer, looking for her own way; her mother, a physical education teacher, gives her the right ideas and spurs her; her grandmother, the inspiring muse, gives her old books with old pictures of the lake; Aunt Paola teached her pottery painting and, last but not least, Elena, her friend, helped her to find the best design for her products.

And what could only happen when five women join forces? Something incredible: they make a dream come true!

The world of Maddalena is made of cups, glasses, t-shirts, postcards and other table and home decorative items on which she realizes simple and modern illustrations that “talk” about her lake and her town.

lake como craftsmanship
She invented 15 drawings that call to mind a sense of belonging to the place where she lives. The customers’ favourites are the seaplane and the boat. Both tourists and locals find in these drawings the essence of the lake. And Maddalena is really proud of it!

But if you really want to put her artistic talent to a test, please do not hesitate to ask her for a custom designed drawing…she can’t wait to have the chance to express her creativity and imagination. She loves holding a pencil and sketching new images on a white sheet!

The passion of this 26-year-old girl for her job and the ideas that swirl around her head are contagious! Just to pick one example among many, she took part in the I Lake it project, creating, for the occasion, a T-shirt that gives her personal interpretation of the lake.

lake como craftsmanship
Look for it among the 10 t-shirts displayed in the shop. It is artful and funny! And, of course, beautiful to wear!


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Thanks to Alessandra and to Lake Como Driver for helping me to translate this article.