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We often take for granted those things that we have before our eyes every day. It happens with object, places and sometimes even with people.

But those things, places and people that we know the most are exactly the ones that can arouse and give us the strongest emotions.

And this is way today I want to tell you about a place that I see every day and that I sometimes take for granted…but that I love so much! I have been there dozens of times…and yet it still leaves me breathless…This place is the Sacred Mount of Ossuccio, one of Lake Como’s most famous attractions.

This place is worth a visit for many different reasons.

First: if you are religious, it is an important place of worship

Second: it is a Unesco World Heritage Site

Third: a very nice and simple walk leads you up to the top and the view from up there is wonderful

Fourth: artistically speaking, it will leave you speechless

Fifth: from sacred to profane…behind the Sanctuary, you can find a remarkable trattoria, with good homemade cooking

Some numbers: it is one of the 20 Sacred Mounts of the Lombardy Pre Alps (9 of which are Unesco World Heritage Sites), it dates back to the seventeenth century, it consists of 14 chapels, 230 statues and 177 characters.

Anyway, numbers aside, this place is simply magical. The climb is pleasant, walking along a large and ancient cobbled boulevard, surrounded by meadows and olive groves. And, as you go up, you find yourself enveloped by the landscape, its history and its strong sense of spirituality.

Sacro Monte di Ossuccio
The baroque chapels are populated by life-sized statues, dressed in seventeenth century clothes and performing the life of Jesus and the Mysteries of the Rosary. They are made of plaster and terracotta, colourful and rich in details, with very expressive faces. I’m sure you will be enchanted by such a great example of craftsmanship.

lake como attractions The fifteenth chapel is the Sanctuary itself.

And even here you won’t be short of surprises: there is a white marble statue of the Virgin Mary (according to tradition, it was found right in this place, therefore giving origin to the devotion), there is an old painting of the Virgin Mary with Child, there is an organ from the XVII century, there is an altar in stucco and there are marble floors.

In short words, this is a place that you really must visit, as words cannot describe its beauty.

This place leaves an impression even on those who know it like the back of their hands!

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Thanks to Alessandra and to Lake Como Driver for helping me to translate this article.