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Here we go, this is the first official list of my blog, a sort of a compass to lead the way!

I was wondering what was “the best of Lake Como”. What would I suggest a tourist who, for whatever reason, could only choose three, and no more, things to do here? Tricky situation, I would say. Obviously, as someone would point out, a lot would depend on what kind of traveller I would be giving my advice to. For example, young or old? This would already make a big difference! And…is she/he athletic, or not? Does she/he have children, or not? Does she/he love art, or not? It looks like an impossible list to make, apparently.

But I have something in mind!

#1 – Look down at the Lake from above
It doesn’t matter what peak or viewpoint you choose, on Lake Como you can only be spoilt for choices! The whole lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains (the Pre-Alps of Lombardy) and, regardless of whether you walk as if you were Reinhold Messner or whether you are just a weekend warrior, there is a panoramic view point for everybody. Even for those of you who just can’t live without your car. The two highest mountains are Mount Legnone (2609m) and Mount Grigna (2410m), but there are also many much easier hikes. There even are two cable cars, one from Argegno to Pigra and another one from Como to Brunate. So, there are no excuses!

best lake como

#2 – Visit a Villa
Even in this case, your choice will only depend on your personal taste. It is certainly something you really must do if you want to make the most out of the lake’s most noble and elegant sides, without forgetting its artistic, literary and even cinematic ones. On Lake Como there really are many ancient historic villas, but just a few them are open to the public. This can only make your choice a little bit easier.

The two most famous ones are Villa Carlotta and Villa Balbianello, but Villa Melzi, Villa Serbelloni and Villa Monastero are just as beautiful! Choosing to visit one rather than another one can only really depend on your own personal taste. You can find help on lakecomo site. But if you can’t choose, just flip a coin. No matter what, it will be a good choice!

best lake como

#3 – Visit Varenna
In this case there is no need to use many words. It simply is a lovely and picturesque fishing village, with its coloured houses: the perfect testimonial of all the other small villages scattered all along the shores of the lake.


End of the list.
The first one of a long series. 🙂


Thanks to Alessandra and to Lake Como Driver for helping me to translate this article.